2023 Achievements


All 5 resolutions introduced by Rep. La Chica have passed and have been adopted by the Legislature.


Urging the City's Crisis, Outreach, Response, and Engagement program to provide regular care and services to individuals experiencing homelessness in Central Oahu


Urging the construction of elevated crosswalks along Meheula Parkway near Mililani High School


Urging funding for a Park and Ride facility at Waiwa Station (Pearl Highlands) and establishing additional transit routes between Central Oahu and Waiwa Station


Urging the establishment of business improvement districts


Urging retail stores to provide access to FDA-approved contraceptives

Capital Improvements for Central Oahu

  • $550,000 for Kanoelani Elementary for bathroom facilities for special education students.
  • $6,000,000 for Mililani High School for a multipurpose covered playcourt.
  • $4,000,000 for Pearl City High School Nakasone Performing Arts Center for lighting and electrical improvements.
  • $1,400,000 for the design and construction of a new portable classroom building at Kanoelani Elementary School, which will benefit our special education student population.

Grants-in-Aid for Central Oahu

  • $200,000 for Achieve Zero, to continue serving over 600 individuals experiencing homelessness from Central Oahu to the North Shore.
  • $150,000 for Aloha Harvest to establish a food resiliency and emergency response hub in Central Oahu.
  • $500,000 for Wahiawa Center for Community Health to address the growing mental health needs of our student population in the Leilehua/Mililani/Waialua School Complex area.
  • $260,000 for renovation needs at the Hawaii Okinawa Center.

Constituent Services

Our office takes great pride in working on various issues important to our community. Check out some of the highlights featured in Rep. La Chica's district newsletters.

  • After being contacted by a constituent on March 15th sharing concerns that the rink had been closed for over a year, our office sent a letter to the City's Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) requesting assistance. On April 12, the DPR crew came to clean and repaint the rink. It is now open and hockey season starts April 18! For more info, visit hihockey808.org.

  • Several constituents contacted our office to repair potholes along Kam Hwy. After putting in a request, the Department of Transportation’s (DOT)  Highways Division began repairs on April 14th.

  • A constituent requested assistance on April 3, following up on their financial benefit status for General Assistance. After following up with the Department of Human Services’ Benefit, Employment and Support Services Division, the constituent’s benefits were approved on April 4th.

  • On April 7, we received a letter from a constituent who had fallen victim to a potential online scam in December 2022. Our office reached out to the Division of Financial Institutions (DFI) within the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs for help. DFI promptly responded on May 31 and will continue to provide assistance moving forward.

  • A constituent contacted our office on May 2 after experiencing challenges in obtaining a response from the property manager regarding a leaking roof repair. Our office took action by sending a letter to the property management office on May 3, urgently seeking their assistance. On May 15, the property manager acknowledged the receipt of roofing proposals, and as of June 22, repairs are now in progress.

  • We received numerous reports from constituents regarding trees that have caused property damage along Lanikuhana Ave, Meheula Pkwy, Paionia Pl, and Mahapili St. Our office has been communicating with the City since April to address these concerns. On May 23, City Parks staff conducted inspections in collaboration with residents. On June 19, Rep. La Chica met with the newly appointed administrator of the Division of Urban Forestry, who confirmed that plans are in progress to either reduce the height of hazardous trees or to remove and replace them with new trees.

  • On Aug. 7, a constituent expressed concerns about the growing encampment by mile marker 15 along Kamehameha Highway. Our office reached out to Achieve Zero, HPD, and the U.S. Army Garrison - Hawai‘i (USAGH). USAGH promptly responded and notified us that the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) will be taking the lead on this project. Our office accompanied Achieve Zero on Sept 12 to provide outreach. DES cleared out the encampment on Sept. 19 and is working to remove trash and leftover debris in the area.

  • Our office has been receiving multiple calls regarding children riding electric bicycles (e-bikes) on sidewalks, on private property, in district parks and on public roads. As a reminder, Hawai‘i state law (HRS §291C-143.5) prohibits any user under the age of 15 from operating an e-bike. Additionally, e-bike owners are required to be registered with the City and County of Honolulu. E-bike users must be at least 18 years old to register and anyone 15 years and older may operate an e-bike if it is registered to a household member. Finally, helmets are required for anyone under the age of 16. Anyone concerned for an individual’s safety when riding an e-bike can call 911. 

  • In March, a resident reached out regarding the cessation of curbside services at Zippy’s in the Mililani Town Center. It was a convenient service, particularly for those who didn’t want to risk exposure to COVID and other viruses. Our office reached out to Zippy’s corporate office, who promptly responded. While it wasn’t possible to reinstate curbside services in Mililani due to staffing and parking issues, Zippy’s did dedicate five stalls for curbside pick up at their Ka Uka location in Waipio Gentry. Mahalo Zippy’s!

  • A member of the Mililani neighborhood board requested on March 22 that the tall grass be cut along Kam Hwy. After putting in a request, DOT crews cut the grass along Kam Hwy through Kipapa Gulch on March 29th.